Meet Josephine


A Honda GL1500se from 1991 - built in the USA, exported to France and then 'grey' imported here- hence the 'kilometers'.  Jo has worked hard over the years and the age lines are showing in places...

"Riding a Goldwing"

It's easy right?  Well yes,  It is, but it's not the same as riding a smaller bike (smaller in terms of weight and width- not engine size).  The controls are the same (except there are a lot more levers and buttons that have almost nothing to do with riding a bike).  

The physics are the same - once you are moving the bike is as light as any other and a lot more grounded on the road, although a heavier bike has to lean further into the corner.

But the first time is daunting?

It was for me.  For a year or so I looked at Goldwings for sale and realised that I had serious issues about getting on one and riding off,  They are just so heavy.

But bear in mind...

reverse lever
cruise controlscruise oncruise controls

 Josephine likes Goldwing Light Parades (click for Youtube)