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Amateur radio station located in North East Wales, UK. 

Active mainly /Mobile and /Portable  (FT817, DSTAR, DMR, Fusion). More recently from home on 5-20W HF via an end fed 33foot wire and SG-2020

More details about GW0TQM on QRZ.COM

A motorcyclist also (well in North Wales, who wouldn't be).  Check out these two Android apps - Deauville Web and Goldwing Web

GW0TQM at Blackpool

Photo taken outside the Blackpool Radio Rally

Sadly the Goldwing has been pushed aside.....

but it's not ALL bad...  bits don't fall off this one....

QTH: IO83KE, Mold, North Wales.

@gw0tqm on Twitter

Local repeaters/nodes:

DMR:  GB7HM  TG9s2 local.
This repeater is active on 950s1 for the SALOP cluster and 235sl1 for Phoenix UK wide.  The recent Phoenix bridges mean DMR+4400 is bridged to 235 and +4420/820 +4470/870 are connected - but not all the time it seems!!

DSTAR: REF079D  north west themed

There is an ALLSTAR UK HUB node near Mold MB7IDC and this network is on Echolink ( M0HOY-L )

Email address on QRZ.COM

For a list of live digital data links click here


GB7HM page (unofficial)

Live UK Digital Data Feeds

Android Ham Radio.

 FDK750e/ 430a tranceiver (2001 page)

Baofeng UV-5R


Yaesu H/T: Fusion, APRS and Wires-X (FT1XDR in USA)

Tweet to @gw0tqm

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