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Amateur radio station located in North East Wales, UK. 

Active mainly /Mobile and /Portable  (FT817, DSTAR, DMR, Fusion). More recently from home on 5-20W HF via an end fed 33foot wire and SG-2020

More details about GW0TQM on QRZ.COM

A motorcyclist also (well in North Wales, who wouldn't be).  Check out these two Android apps - Deauville Web and Goldwing Web

GW0TQM at Blackpool

QTH: IO83KE, Mold, North Wales.   @gw0tqm on Twitter

How to speak to folk in Mold?

On DMR - GB7HM is six miles away and puts a good signal in.  

DSTAR: REF079D is north west UK themed,

There is an ALLSTAR UK HUB node near Mold MB7IDC and this network is also on Echolink ( M0HOY-L ) and DMR (BrandMeister) 4426.

For a list of live digital data links click here


GB7HM page (unofficial)

Live UK Digital Data Feeds

Android Ham Radio.

 FDK750e/ 430a tranceiver (2001 page)

Baofeng UV-5R


Yaesu H/T: Fusion, APRS and Wires-X (FT1XDR in USA)

M0SGS homepage

-C4FM and Fusion -great links and a very active Ham operator.

Tweet to @gw0tqm

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