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70cm DMR repeater GB7HM


This website is an unofficial GB7HM support page - hence it may actually lag changes!  Information and questions via twitter  @GW0TQM

* UPDATED MAY 2017 *

GB7HM Hope Mountain
TX: 439.6375
RX: 430.6375
Color Code: 1

GB7HM Talkgroups

DMR repeaters have two 'Slots'

By interdigitating two digital streams on one frequency, there are two slots on all DMR repeaters and each slot can support a whole conversation via range of 'talkgroups'.  Both slots can be used at the same time.  Once one TG is busy on a slot, all the other TGs on that slot are 'busy' but the other slot TGs are unaffected.


TGs 9 (local)

TG9 slot2 is the new local traffic slot, although TG9 slot 1 remains as an alternative and for people with previous radio settings to still make contact or for when slot2 is busy.


TG870 slot2 is the 'Wales and Marches' regional group - available from all Phoenix repeaters.  GB7HM and GB7PN (Prestatyn) are permanent members.

TG870s2 is also bridged to DMR+ reflector 4470 and so can be accessed worldwide.  

If you are in Wales, from Wales or working a welsh station on TG235/reflector 4400 consider QSYing to 870/4470 and see if we can build a Wales themed community.


TG820 slot2 is a North West UK themed reflector with up to ten repeaters connected.  It is bridged to DMR+ 4420

SLOT 1 Talkgroups (pt1/3)

TGs 9-back up local , 235-UK wide 


  TG235s1 is connected via DMR-MARC to the Phoenix TG235s1 so providing UK wide access to connected Phoenix repeaters.

TG235s1 is the other big TG for roaming covering multiple repeaters in the Phoenix network across the UK although you are expected to move to a user access TG for contacts anything longer then a minute or two, or a regional group if your conversation is inclusive of others and/or locally relevent perhaps.

SLOT 1 Talkgroups(pt2/3)

Talkgroups 80, 81, 82, 83 and 84 are UK wide,  talkgroups.  

These groups are User Access on Phoenix, they behave as if always ON, on GB7HM - sometimes - other times appear to work in a similar way.

A user access talkgroup will remain silent until you or someone else on GB7HM have transmitted on them first to 'activate' them.  As I mentioned, on HM they often don't need activating. 

After making contact with someone on TG235s1 it is convention to 'QSY' to a user activated talkgroup if your contact is longer than a minute or two.  Any number of stations can qsy together - useful for example if you are a special event or other demonstration station.

Since Phoenix has permitted hotspot access, your QSY channel is determined by where you both access the network.

Slot 1 TGs 80,81 and 82 are UK wide and a good place to QSY to if all stations are using DMR repeaters for access.

Slot 1 TGs 83 and 84 are bridged to DMR plus reflectors 4402 and 4403 respectively. so if one of you is on a repeater and the other a hotspot, use these.

DMR plus reflectors 4404 top 4408 inclusive are hotspot connected only and a good place to conduct hotspot tests.

DMR plus reflector 4409 is now bridged to CQ-UK which can be accessed from multiple places, see below.

M0SGS started CQ-UK as a Yaesu System Fusion room - but it's grown a bit since then.


Slot 1 Talkgroup 2351 (pt3/3)

TG2351 is connected with similar on DMR Northern Cluster, DMR+ 4409, Fusion FCS004-20 and Fusion repeater room CQ-UK.  It is a user activated UA talkgroup so you cannot listen to it until you or someone else has transmitted into the TG at GB7HM - the CQ-UK network can be busy and has connections worldwide despite the name.  When using the link remember that the various links instill a delay in the whole system, so do something like  'count to five' before transmitting.  You cannot break into a QSO easily due to the delays on digital repeaters, but if people don't count to five, you cannot break in at all.

Live Data Links

 GB7HM Last Heard

DMR+ reflectors on HM

The above links do not show local HM traffic or Salop Cluster activity.

There is an Android app to monitor DMR, DSTAR and FUSION activity (not the actual transmissions)

 Get it on Google Play

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Where is GB7HM?

About six miles north of Wrexham.  GB7HM covers much of the North West of England as well as North East Wales.  

Predicted GB7HM 70cm Coverage.


Other repeaters on the 'Salop Cluster' are linked by TG950 slot 1, recently restored after a long break.

GB7BX Much Wenlock
TX: 439.4375
RX: 430.4375
Color Code: 5

GB7GT Ludlow
TX: 439.4125
RX: 430.4125
Color Code: 13

GB7OZ  Oswestry
TX: 439.6250
RX: 430.6250
Color code: 8

GB7BJ (not yet operational)  Bromyard
TX: 439.7375
RX: 430.7375
Color code: 13

As usual, TX refers to the REPEATER TX and hence is entered as RX in your codeplug. Color code is nothing to do with colour any more, and behaves a bit like CTCSS/PL tones on FM allowing two repeaters on a single frequency to ignore each other.

What is CQ-UK? (M0SGS)

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